~The Beat~

Welcome to what we are lovingly calling, at least for the time being, ‘The Beat’.

This is a page made specially and specifically for the many talented artists that we have in the past, are in the present or going to in the future, feature LIVE at The Park Bar & Grill.
Get to know who they are, listen to their music, follow their careers.

~ Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music ~



ELEMENOPY is nothing short of an experience rather than just a live performance. Seeing them play should be right up there with bungee jumping and waking up naked in your neighbor’s front lawn after a night of heavy drinking as things you need to do before you die.


Alternative/Grunge/Indie Rock

Out of the ashes of several local bands, Godma, Panic Space and Twilight Transmission among them, Sunshifter formed over the course of the last two years. Kenny Grossman on guitar / vocals, Matthew Geinitz on bass / vocals, Adam Winchell on guitar / vocals and Jade Abellaneda on drums / percussion. A mix of guitar effects, skyscraping distortion, copious amounts of shoegaze and a bit of new heavy progressive rock are some of the aspects that inform their sound.



Tigeroni was formed in the San Fernando Valley. It currently consists of guitarist Edgar Martinez, bassist Shawn Chanslor, and drummer Dayran Varillas. The band pioneers the idea of a front-man-less lineup which they believe takes away attention from the band and instrumentals as a whole. They also bring to light the musical theory of Tigeroni Music which consists of a rotating vocals, funky soul crushing bass lines, piercing cymbal crashes, full participation vocal harmonies, super-power slides, deep double bass pedals, and sharp palm mutes, which all make for a great rock band sound.

Jimmy White

Country Rock

Jimmy White singer-songwriter of country-rock music, born in Missouri and raised on country music and rock n roll! Lived in Nashville 7 years, moved to California in 2006 and living in Pasadena. I love music, all kinds! There are only 2 kinds of music in my book-good and bad. I’m a country boy….not a redneck or cowboy! Country boys have respect and love. Peace…



PowerTribe is created more around guitar mastery than vocals.

With the virtuosic guitar acrobatics of Darren Stroud at the helm … this rock trio, which includes John Chominsky on the drums and Missy on the bass, steers agilely with finesse through the turbulent waters of hard rock, alternative, metal and landing perfectly with ear-friendly songs using aggressive guitar styles.

Darren Stroud is a multi-talented guitarist (who has been compared to the likes of Randy Rhoads, Eric Johnson, and Joe Satriani) has an articulate and distinctive guitar playing style. He’s won numerous guitar contests and has received features heaped with accolades in publications (including Guitar Player Magazine, Recording Magazine). He has released two solo albums and the band PowerTribe is currently recording their next CD.

Brainard and Russell

Acoustic w/ electric edge

Mark Brainard & Tim Russell have been playing together for over 25 years inspired by the”British Invasion and “70’s California comfort.” Listening to their 2005 release “Life In Java” you can almost hear every artist represented in their record collections. They wear their influences on their sleeves. Their song set includes hot electric edges, shining acoustics and brilliant hooks that just won’t let go. They are now putting the final touches on their follow up CD “Red Rock Canyon”. The band is rounded out by seasoned musicians Mark Iodice on drums and Kenny Rosen on Bass.


Multi Cultural Alternative Rock

Kanvaz is one of the hottest bands out there today, riviting melodic tones, catchy hooks with sulty powerful vocals makes Kanvaz stand out from the rest. Cross platformed music at it’s best in spanish and english, a multi cultural vibe to be enjoyed! Kanvaz’s soulful ballets are heart felt and spine tingling as well as pumped up melodic rythmic alternitive rock that is sure to get your hips moving and playing air guitar! High energy music deserves no less than a high energy performance and there’s no lacking in that… Kanvaz’s shows are sure to thrill from start to finish, described as powerful, throw your hands in the air and shout more, more, more… Kanvaz delivers!

210 to Lowell

Hard Rock

This hard rock band began 5 years ago with two guys from Wisconsin. In Los Angeles they formed 210toLowell with a unique outlook on turning yesterdays music into a modern sound. Their lyrics are fueled by powerful and in your face lead singer, “Micky” who’s vocals take the audience on a wild ride, reflecting the true meaning of dark metal pounding sounds.

Jaxx Sessions


I’m Jaxx Sessions. I’m 31 years of age and I’ve recently finished recording SIDE A of my album “Sessions With Jaxx”. After 3 years of inspiration and hard work, I am proud that I had the BELIEF in myself to finish it. I BELIEVE music is something SPIRITUAL so I don’t like to charge for my CD’s. If you come to my performances and like what you hear, I’ll GIVE you my album. As a listener of my music, that holds more value to me than making a few bucks.

Highway Bandits

Blues Rock N Roll

The Highway Bandits are a band of brothers with one desire in life, to make music that ROCKS!!! Influenced by Blues & Classic Rock , The Highway Bandits play with a high level of intensity and loads of energy that will make you wanna live it up! There goal is to rock you out most definitely. And with their brand of real, raw, Blues Rock N Roll, there is no doubt that’s just what they’ll do.They have been in the music biz for over 20 years still doing what they love, playing music and expressing their lives through it.Their new CD entitled Stick to your Guns is available to purchase now!! So if your into Rockin Blues, get ready to ROCK and have a wild time with the Highway Bandits.

Joshua Issac

Acoustic Bl

Joshua’s muisc as a solo artist is a cool laid back mix of acoustic blues and pop styles in the likenesses of John Mayer and The Fray. He, along with his band, The Manufactured Defects offer a rock/pop flavor that is sure to keep everyone moving. His original songs offer a step above the rest in the uniqueness of melody as well as high quality vocals from the singer/songwriter.

Nicki Park


Nicki’s music is a reflection of her life happenings. She is versatile as a songwriter in writing many genres from pop and christian, and to country and orchestral. She is a pop-flavored vocalist who enjoys singing for any type of crowd.

Brady Harris Band

Country Pop

More evidence that it’s what’s lurking beneath the radar that’s really important, Brady Harris – following the familiar career trajectory of starving busker (in London and Paris), critical acclaim (not the least of which came at the NxNW conference in ’99) impressive underground success ($5000 from MP3.com) and still no major label deal – has just released his third album, recorded at home with the assistance of a $500 Shure microphone he won for his roots-grass version of Motorhead’s ‘Ace Of Spades’. Intrigued? Good, for mere words can never do him justice. Ignore, then, the fact that Harris’ voice bears comparisons with John Lennon; ignore the fact that he creates a beguiling brand of alt. power country pop, something like Peter Bruntnell massaging Big Star; ignore the fact that Harris can take on Joe Pernice in his own back yard and win. Ignore these words, let your ears do the judging, and you’re left wondering where this California-dwelling Texan has been hiding all your life. -Michael Ornadet, LOGO-MAGAZINE (UK).



Swim hails from the San Fernando Valley and has been described by others as “Fun!” and “A great time!” while the band describes themselves as sometimes being obnoxiously loud! Their unique blend of punk, funk, folk and ska makes them a park favorite.

Everyday Ghost

Southern Rock/Country/Folk

Formed in the summer of 2011, Los Angeles based “Everyday Ghost” delivers a unique blend of Southern Rock, Country, Folk & Americana infused music to tell stories about love, loss, heartache, small towns, and dark country roads. Led by singer songwriter Scott Woeckel, the band features the talents of Charlie Peterson (Pedal, Lap Steel), John Grant (Bass), and Ben Masters (Drums). This dynamic foursome can go from a cannonball blast to a whisper, with the foundational glue being strong songwriting and the ability to play in a variety of styles.

Beverly Kills


Beverly Kills just slapped me in the face, and I liked it! Is what you’d say if you just saw them live for the first time. Pulsing, melodic, and emotive, Beverly Kills delivers on levels that you didn’t even know existed. And you won’t even mind being violated in this way because of the ultra-talented, sexy, vixen front woman Robyn Troup, who has the attitude of Courtney Love and a voice that is unforgettable.

The 5-piece band is the offspring of Robyn’s passion for music and love for eclectic, bold, live music. Mixing ungodly-heavy synth and bass lines with the most mainstream pop melodies and then slapping driving guitar over the top, only scratches the surface of the sonic meal served up byBeverly Kills.

At a Beverly Kills show one will not know whether they are dancing, moshing or fighting! The music’s powerful messages and energy transport the audience on a journey through the human experience because you know the band has been there before. You may recognize Robyn, because she has been on the top of the music industry before by performing on the Grammy’s with Justin Timberlake and her experiences are felt through each resonating note.

Currently working with diamond accredited producer Matt Serletic, Beverly Kills is finishing their debut album, which will come out of Matt’s label Emblem Music.

Lisa C. Pollock

Country / Singer/Songwriter / Folk Rock

Lisa C. Pollock wrote her first song at five, won her first songwriting contest at fifteen, and performed at New York City’s Carnegie Hall by sixteen. Lisa C. has won awards such as; the COSA Song of the year 1998 and 2006 and The San Diego Songwriters Guild award 2005. Lisa C. collaborated with Grammy award winning songwriter/producer Charlie Midnight and other talented writers on her album “Good Will” writers which include; Buck Johnson, and Emmy winner Joel Soyffer. Lisa C. Pollock was chosen for The KLOS 95.5 FM Mark and Brian Show’s “Top LA Bands contest”. This past October, Lisa C. Pollock was invited to Open for Country star Jo Dee Messina on her 2010 Music Room Series Tour. Lisa C. Pollock is currently working with acclaimed blues artist BB Chung King and is featured on Mark Stuart and The Bastard Sons latest album “Bend in The Road”. You can catch Lisa C. Performing on the Hollywood circuit; The House of Blues, The Whiskey A Go-Go, The Viper Room, Molly Malones, The Mint, Genghis Cohen, Room 5, The Rainbow and various other venues. Lisa C. Pollock was best described by Chuck Deluxe of The San Diego Troubadour as being “…A heartfelt, street-wise folk poet…” and by Ben Salmon of Go! Magazine “Pollock is indie in the true sense of the word..she believes in what she’s doing, and she’s going to do it whether or not some company offers to help.”

Josh Helmuth


Josh is originally from the small berg of Arthur, IL where the Amish outnumber the town’s residents two to one. Along with learning every musical instrument, surfing and becoming President, another one of Josh’s dreams is to record an album and present the opportunity for the world to hear his music.

Josh got his first guitar for his 18th birthday and has been writing songs ever since. While at the University of Alabama, Josh formed his first band, Turning23, a pop-punk band that played locally around campus for over a year. Following graduation Josh ended up in Los Angeles as a reporter and continued to write music, but to a more acoustic/alternative tone.

Josh is son of a conservative animal lover and a blue collar former Amish wood worker which culminates into an overly optimistic, socially outgoing and self-motivated individual. He hopes you can make it out to see him perform!



Singer/Songwriter, Eliot is best known for his indie hit, “Sin,” which was recently remixed in three versions of progressive house, trance and breaks by various DJs on a EP entitled “Living In Sin,” released by Jetlag Digital.

Other popular songs from Eliot’s original self-titled album include “Twenty Years” and “Broken Glass.”

Eliot’s music is available on iTunes, Amazon and various social networks including Facebook and Myspace.


Full Band Country Stylings

Crossing old timey rhythms and twangy vocals with rich harmonies and dirty guitars, Coyote, a Los Angeles based band, is comprised of five people who simply love to play. Songwriter, Jessi Williams, brings the sounds of the country from her midwest/southern upbringing. Heavily lyric based songs chronicle her life experiences through the eyes of ghosts, gypsies and murderers. Their first EP will be out at the end of May. A self-titled full length to quickly follow.

Mina Mauldin

Indie Pop

Mina’s ‘melt in your mouth’ indie pop music combines catchy hooks and soaring melodies. She is currently working on her 3rd album which will be released in Summer 2011. Also, Mina was a 2011 finalist in the Southern CA Music Live Competition in Los Angeles.

Matt Baker


Matt Baker’s stew of Americana is peppered with his journeyman appetites: the late night soul of Chicago blues joints, the artful wit of the Portland hipster scene, the down home country roads of Texas, the workhorse harvest rock of the Midwest, and the backalley swing joints of Los Angeles. His first two albums are available on ITunes, “Trainwreck” and “Devilwater”, and he is compiling his next two for release in 2012.

The Heatseekers

Rockin' Movie/TV songs

The HeatSeekers play “Rockin’ Movie/TV songs with Randy ‘Doc’ Johnson, Garry Corman, Justine Willis, Bobby T and Steve Reid. Name-That-Tune and win a prize!”

Reasons BE

Acoustic Guitars

A sign of the times was revealed when a simple craigslist posting connected two passionate musicians, Scotty Dickert and Ariel Belkin, by the mere common enthusiasm for artists such as Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson. With their stylistic similarities and innate talent, this organic relationship created Reasons BE – an infectious feel-good act with a humoristic take that will reel you in from the first note.

With the highly intricate acoustic guitar paving the rhythmic path and a dynamic vocal commanding the lead, the distinguished music of Reasons BE takes you on a up beat adventure of life stories, inner-weaving harmonies, and unforgettable melodies.

From the moment the curtain opens, Scotty and Ariel’s on-stage chemistry can be felt. Never shy and always welcoming, the two quickly develop a close connection with their audience. In addition to being writing partners and stage colleagues, they continue pushing their creative process to new heights.

Currently in the studio finishing their debut EP Sweet Taste in Melody, Reasons BE has already begun spreading their addicting energy across the local scene of Los Angeles.

Hughes and Havick


Hughes & Havick is the musical collaboration between Singer/Songwriter Adam Havick and Songwriter/Instrumentalist Alex Hughes. Together they create a unique sound combining elements of folk, rock and their own eclectic musical tastes, topping it off with crisp harmonies and intricate guitar playing. Formed early in 2010, the duo have quickly been gaining a following in the LA area, bringing to their live shows a humorous and on-the-spot approach, forming the set list live on stage, and performing requests made my audience members, in short, no two Hughes & Havick shows are the same. There debut ep “Colors and Chaos” is available at iTunes and Bandcamp.com

The Mason Affair

R & B/Soul

The Mason Affair is an exciting Los Angeles based group with a new twist on classic funk, R&B/soul and dance music, bringing the freshest songs, sounds and grooves to a new breed of Soul music fan.

Founded in 2010 by Mike Mason, singer and guitarist, the Mason Affair has a sound rooted in old school musicianship and energy, but with a modern and distinctive vibe. All at once retro and fresh, the unique and funky qualities of the music and Mike Mason’s characteristic voice attracted some of the best young musicians in the area to come together and play, with each new member adding a little bit of themselves to the overall sound. From it’s genesis as just one member The Mason Affair expanded to include another guitar, keyboards and the funkiest horn section in Los Angeles bringing the ranks to a total of 8 members, a true R&B/Soul ensemble.

Currently keeping busy performing around the Southern California area, and ever in demand, the Mason Affair is on a roll building a fan base and spreading the good word of new and modern Soul music. With the release of the single “Promise Me”, the Mason Affair has been enjoying growing support from college, online, podcast and a select number of Broadcast radio stations across the United States. The Mason Affair has two releases, Rendezvous and Promise Me, currently available for sale through iTunes and every other major digital distribution company.

Dedicated to a new fresh style, great music and exciting performances the Mason Affair is a live band with a double dose of Soul and style.

Prime Cut Blues


Rockin’ the Blues. That’s what these guys do. Good times and great music. Featuring songs from George Thorogood, Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and More

Jessica Ripka

Piano Songwriter

Mix equal parts lilting piano, rich vocals and quirk, and you have piano-based singer/songwriter, Jessica Ripka. Born in Manhattan, raised outside of DC, and currently a resident of Los Angeles by way of Texas and Detroit, she brings Regina Spektor-like warmth and wit wherever she goes. Her self-produced debut release can be found at www.jessicaripka.bandcamp.com.

Allan Frank


With a style that can be described as Americana with Folk, Gospel, and Country influences, Allan Frank has chosen roots-based music to take us on a journey down “The Road So Far.” His debut album begged the listener to sit back and become a voyeur through the byways and back roads of Middle America. His songs invite the listener on a heartfelt journey through life. He’s not only a genuine musical storyteller – he’s a gentle pied piper who creatively encourages us all to follow our dreams. His captivating lyrics in combination with strong melodies make that journey worth taking.

Allan has won awards for his writing including first place for Country Song in the 2001 Unisong Contest. He has written with top writers in LA and Nashville including Gary Burr and Grammy winner-Chris Tompkins. With his highly acclaimed debut album, he has toured Europe and has received extended radio airplay in several countries debuting at #20 on the Euro Americana Radio Chart in late 2010 and early 2011 on the Roots Music Report. He can be found locally playing weekly at Corky’s in Sherman Oaks. For more information contact: allan@allanfrankmusic.com

Lady Zep

Led Zeppelin Tribute Band

Lady Zep is the premiere all female tribute to the legendary group Led Zeppelin.

Permanent Ability


Permanent Ability maintains a media value that is incomparable to the dime-a-dozen cliché bands found in Los Angeles. Backed by legendary producer Jim Wirt, Permanent Ability’s name is a testament to their capacity within the music industry. A commercial ready band, with a collection of headlining gigs which include venues such as the House of Blues Los Angeles, The Viper Room, The Roxy, and the Whisky A Go Go. With east-coast roots, Permanent Ability has established their brand of funk-rock music within the Los Angeles scene.